Carpet Cleaning

Refresh, Clean your Tired, Worn Carpeting

At Manhattan Rug Cleaner we offer you a complete carpet cleaning treatment. Just like the area rugs in your home, your wall-to-wall carpeting requires regular cleaning treatments to keep it looking its best. At Manhattan Rug Cleaner, we remove all threatening messes like dirt, dust, allergens and stains completely from your carpeting.

We offer you a full menu of carpet cleaning methods. Each method gives you a different approach to cleaning, but all options deliver high quality, pure results. When you choose Manhattan Rug Cleaner, you can choose from deep cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning and shampoo cleaning techniques to refresh your used carpeting.

Green Clean Throughout your Home

Regardless of which method you choose, our technicians apply only non-toxic, organic cleaning products to your carpets. These special green products fight off dirt and remove the toughest stains quickly and easily. They leave your carpet clean and fresh with no chemical leftover residues or harsh smells. With our special green cleaning products, you and your family can enjoy a pure, healthy clean.

Call Manhattan Rug Cleaner today for a no-obligation, at-home carpet cleaning estimate. We work to keep your home looking and feeling great.

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