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Tender, Complete Rug Repairs

At Manhattan Rug Cleaner, we consider rug repair and restoration a passion of our experienced experts. Regardless of the problem (tears, moth damage, discoloration), trust us to give you a complete area rug repair or restoration using traditional, non-detectable methods. Our experts work with your rugs using close attention and careful craftsmanship. Manhattan Rug Cleaner delivers you quality results and affordable prices for your rug repair and restoration treatment.

True Craftsmanship for Best Results

Our skilled experts use a combination of traditional and modern methods to repair and restore your rugs completely. We start the repair process with a gentle cleansing bath with natural products and conditioners. After this, we examine the rug completely to determine the damages exactly. Our experts use their high level of craftsmanship to perform the best possible results.

Throughout the rug repair and restoration process, we use only organic products and natural, vegetable base dyes. These products treat your area rugs gently without harming the natural texture or original look.

Call Manhattan Rug Cleaner today to schedule a free, at-home rug repair and restoration service. We promise to love your cherished rug as much as you do.

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We are committed to the health of your and your family, which is why we use only organic, environmentally-friendly, products in our work. These cut through dirt and grime gently but effectively, without leaving behind toxic chemicals. Organic cleaning isn't a compromise - and 'going green' will reap its benefits.

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